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Loews Hotels

Background: Based in New York City, Loews Hotels is a collection of unique, high-quality, one-of-a-kind hotels with distinct personalities. Each offers great value and delivers warm, friendly service. Loews Hotels LogoLoews Hotels caters to discerning business and leisure travelers, and hosts the most important business, political, and industry association events.

Situation: When the company first approached us, Loews Hotels had a small number of North American properties. Since each property operated independently from each other with no central control—for example, each property was producing its own marketing materials, with varying results—the overall brand was continually diluted.

Realizing there was no cohesion from property to property, the company decided to create a new communications approach and brand strategy, one that would support both the Loews Hotels name and the company's plans for expansion.

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On Design's challenge was to develop a unique and consistent "visual voice" for the Loews Hotels brand. Since such a voice had never really existed up to that point, we had to take into account how we would re-envision the Loews brand. Working with our client we had to define key imaging and communication components that would promote the newly defined Loews Hotel core brand. At the same time, we had to protect the distinct personality of each property, which ranged from beach properties to urban settings, We also had to keep in mind the needs of corporate and event meeting planners, who are key decision makers for booking seminars, meetings, and other industry events.

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Approach: After extensive interviews with property managers and executives at Loews Hotels, we moved to strengthen the connection among all properties. We researched individualized color palettes, assigning one to each property to strengthen location attributes. We identified, refined, and photographed key visuals at each location to highlight each property's unique personality and business assets. After developing a multi-pane visual system for each of the property's brochure covers, we applied the branding system to two key communication pieces: meetings and consumer brochures.

Results: Our successful program roll-out led to increased customer awareness of the Loews brand—and an increased booking of weekend and business travelers. Consistent use of the branding system also strengthened related marketing tasks from property to property, and resulted in communications that better clarify what Loews Hotels is all about: being a warm and friendly, upscale, approachable luxury hospitality brand.

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