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Visual Identity

Visual identity isn't just about how you look; it's about how people look at you.

So serve your company's mission. Put forth your vision and values. Assert your right to be you by showing the world your strengths, your points of distinction, your personality, your best face. Reach—and attract—the people who count.

Each brand identity project at On Design starts with understanding your business. Through an exchange of ideas and an in-depth study of your organization, we go on to translate, interpret, and ultimately design verbal messages into visual and meaningful communications. By following a logical design process that uses over a decade of real-world, practical experience, we create memorable and effective design solutions that transform your company's visual identity.


A logo is but the tip of the iceberg in your corporate expression. If it is not about meaning and your shared objectives, it will fast become generic, familiar and not loved. The logo becomes a magnet for personal experiences with your brand.

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